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​​​​​​​ Anton Ivchenko


Version App enables you to replace files in SharePoint Document Libraries with files from your local machine


Version is a Document Library Custom Action which enables you to replace files in SharePoint Document Libraries with custom files from local machines (including different file names and extensions). To use it's functionality you need:

1. Create a new or open existing Document Library, choose a file you want to replace and click at Version Custom Action (Version Custom Action will be activated if only one file is chosen).
Step 1
2. Choose a file from your machine which should overwrite selected in step one item and define naming options (If a new file name is not the same as an old one Version will ask if you want to save the old file name).
Step 2
3. Click OK and enjoy your new file.
Step 3
Note: Ve​rsion can overwrite files with different file names and extensions. As for instance you can overwrite "Document.docx" with "Scan.pdf".



Maximum file size

In current version the maximum file size is limited to 2097152 bytes (2 Mb). In the next version this limitation will be lifted.

Working with versions

In case you turned on Version History in the Document Lbrary you will not be able to view previous file versions after you overwrite file with a different extension (i.e. "Document.docx" is overwritten with "Signed.pdf"). Since you have a new file extension SharePoint desides that all versons are also with new extensions. In this case if you try to download the previous version (before overwriting) you will get it with new extension. In fact, it is the previous version but with wrong extension.

If you want to open the previous version with different extension do the following steps:
1. Choose file and click at the Version History button on the Ribbon;
2. Right click on the version you need and choose "Save as...";
3. Specify the folder where you want to download previous version file, change "File type" to "All Files" and type the correct extension after the file name (i.e. "Document" to "Document.docx").

Step 1